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First entry in english i guess!

Hey guys,
cuz Ashley is always complaining that she's not able tp read what i'm writin this is gonna be my first entry in english!
Well today school was a little boring but i'm so glad we didn't have the bio.-test today!Cuz i didn't get to study at all... Had some other things on my mind.Don't know how everything's gonna turn out all i can say is i still have a lot of hope... but you can't force people..
well besides that i had a psycho-conversation to germany last tuesday oh wow talking to you on the phone is so awesome!Miss you little swimming-sister . I really can't wait to see my friends faces next year when someday i'm just gonna walk straight through that classroom door and they're gonna freak out!
anyways i looked at pics at or but what did i have to find out!?None of you are going ou to party anymore!!!You're doin bad guys!I gotta tell you that needs to improve well maybe it's just not as much fun as it was before... by the way @kristin:I just had to think of that really disgusting looking old(!!) guy in the joker dancing next to us... that was so hilarious!not only was he gay he must have been on crack or somethin else,too or else he wouldn't have come to a club with only 16 to mid20 year olds!oh well it was such a great time going out for party... i have so many great memories (all i say is schwanensee ^^) and that's definitly gonna be continued next year!!!
but right now i love my life in sterling,too.i found so many people that are awesome once you get to know them and so many special people i would have never believed by the time i came here.first days in school were horrible i mean being the new kid at school is never the greatest thing but then i just went on and on and i realized that people come and talk to you when you smile and when you're friendly.i know it's gonna be hard to leave "my" high school next year but til then it's still iono ... 6 months to go!?so much time for so many things to happen and opportunities to come up!
well i guess i'm not feeling to good so i'm gonna go in my basement and watch tv til i fall asleep...
maybe i recieve a nice text message or even a call too...
10.11.06 03:01

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Katti / Website (12.11.06 20:28)
well,don't believe that we aren't have any partys at the moment you can't be serious even if you know your friends :D view and see our faces ^^ there are some pictures of us,but moreover it isn't so funny to make photos without you so please don't be angry for not seeing us so much on the web.
Love and kisses

(I hope my english isn't so bad and I don't even know why I doin' this in embrassing next to your knowledge^^)

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