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Wow I don't know how to describe my weekend.Probably one word:crap.First I had to say goodbye to Karolin which almost killed me on the way back home then I sucked at BB cuz I couldn't concentrate and finally saturday night I got a nice phone call.Yeah then today we had late Thanksgiving with everything you can imagine... All kinds of food you would ask for.I talked to my parents and Kristin today and told them about everything.It's an awful feeling when you can't give a hug to someone you want to.And finally I called Merle and wished her a happy 17th birthday.At that point I stopped counting how many times I cried today either for good or bad.Back to school tomorrow and back to play practice,choir and BB.Wow sounds like fun,doesn't it?But therefor no school on tuesday which is great cuz that's when we're going on a trip for play.Hope that's gonna be good.
So far that was my holiday hope yours was better.As you might have noticed mine isn't really hard to beat.
Alright good night I know I won't have one.
PS:I kinda got touched by the song "call me when you're sober"
27.11.06 04:37

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Karolin / Website (27.11.06 23:16)
Na suesse,
ja glaub mir,ich hatte auch dieses gefuehlt,als ich ins flugzeug gestiegen bin...Es war doch echt ne schoene zeit,auch troz der beule und des pokerns.. ich wollt dir am flughafen eigentlich noch sagen wie lieb ich dich hab,aber dann mach ich es jetzt hier: liiieb dich ganz doll und es werden jetzt schon wieder bessere tage kommen, kussi

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