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Girls' problems...

Hey guys,
yeah well my mood is not the best but I don't even know why.Maybe the whole situation is kinda overflowing but I don't know what to do against it.Wow I have so much stuff on my mind and can't wait to see him <3
Besides that I'm still in BB and although it's hard I'm trying my best.I don't wanna give up like I did before.I just gotta work on so much more stuff...
Thanksgiving is gonna be nice.We're gonna have a late Thanksgiving cuz my hostmom was sick and that's why we had to find another day for the get-together which is gonna be tomorrow.
I hope Braunschweig is still alive and my friends are doing well.I miss all of you a lot especially on those family holidays...
But I guess I'm gonna survive!
Love,hugs and kisses
25.11.06 22:44

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Katti / Website (29.11.06 22:21)
wollte nur kurz anmerken: Braun-town is still alive! :D aber nicht mehr so lebendig seid ihr weg seid... see u soon ... love you so much <3

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