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Hey guys,
Well Sterling is still the way it was when i wrote before but since BB started I don't have that much time anymore for many other things than school,friends and practice and yeah some special people too.I hope you're all not too disappointed!
Well right now Karolin's here and wow we're really havin a great time... I mean it it's awesome to have her here and i hope she is enjoying it too.We had a great weekend and we have so much to talk about!
Tomorrow we're going to a choir competition,so we're gonna miss school and the day after tomorrow is early dismissal.And then thanksgiving is soon gonna be here and we all hope that's gonna be fun(and a lot of food either!)!
Well since there's play practice tomorrow morning i have to get up early and i think i better go to bed now so that i get my beauty rest
Love ya!!
Hugs and kisses to good old germany
21.11.06 04:18

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