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Im still alive

hey guys,
iono why i didnt post anything in the last 5 months but hey,here it goes.I dont really know what2say since im quiet discontent right head is just blank somehow...i dont even know y im in such a bad mood,it just seemed to happen for no reason.
but theres1thing i really wanted2say and that is thanks2my friends and family4all the support during the last weeks and months.its been an incredible year and its been quiet an experience.i can say that im exhausted from everything and its time2get home.i wanna c my parents again and just fall in2 their arms cuz im honestly exhausted.but like i said thanks i would have never made it this far without u guys!
much love,
23.5.07 19:29

Ok Ok Ok....

its my credit that i didnt write another entry since... the 1st of demcember.... ooooops ^^
well not very many things have changed round here maybe the leafs fell of the trees,some snow appeared and left again... a tragic accident occured but besides that there wasnt too much really...
Yesterday there was the homemakeover on tv.. oh my gosh such a cute story... honestly it was more emotional than i thought it could be.well for those of u who have not seen it heres the story:a family lives on one side of lincoln,nebraska when suddenly their dad dies.a coupl of years after that happened the mom meets a new guy who soon becomes her soulmate and i really mean soulmate.they fall in love and decide to move together.together means there will be around 9 people in the house cuz the other guy had two or three children and the mom herself had 4 kids.but unfortunately there was no house they could all fit in.thats why abc decides to give them this huge house makeover while theyre on vacation in france.and right before that he proposed... boom!no one saw that coming... and then suddenly it just happened.well anyways they had their wedding in france and came back to see their new home... its just WOW.we drove by it once and yeah it really does look faboulus!its yeah it kinda brought tears to my eyes as i saw it last night on tv....
well so everyone i hope u have a clue whats going on in my life now... and another update:
I changed to myspace^^.sorry guys!!!heres my mysace url:
---> <---
Alrighty buhbye ttyl
Carmen <3
8.1.07 20:29

This is aaaaaawesome!

We beat Freeman that's so awesome... I mean ok I didn't really play cuz I couldn't but I had my time(about 2 minutes or so that's plenty!)And wooooooah I just feel for the team so that's a great thing.
Here is another great thing which is really true:

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# 40
1.12.06 05:34


Wow I don't know how to describe my weekend.Probably one word:crap.First I had to say goodbye to Karolin which almost killed me on the way back home then I sucked at BB cuz I couldn't concentrate and finally saturday night I got a nice phone call.Yeah then today we had late Thanksgiving with everything you can imagine... All kinds of food you would ask for.I talked to my parents and Kristin today and told them about everything.It's an awful feeling when you can't give a hug to someone you want to.And finally I called Merle and wished her a happy 17th birthday.At that point I stopped counting how many times I cried today either for good or bad.Back to school tomorrow and back to play practice,choir and BB.Wow sounds like fun,doesn't it?But therefor no school on tuesday which is great cuz that's when we're going on a trip for play.Hope that's gonna be good.
So far that was my holiday hope yours was better.As you might have noticed mine isn't really hard to beat.
Alright good night I know I won't have one.
PS:I kinda got touched by the song "call me when you're sober"
27.11.06 04:37

Girls' problems...

Hey guys,
yeah well my mood is not the best but I don't even know why.Maybe the whole situation is kinda overflowing but I don't know what to do against it.Wow I have so much stuff on my mind and can't wait to see him <3
Besides that I'm still in BB and although it's hard I'm trying my best.I don't wanna give up like I did before.I just gotta work on so much more stuff...
Thanksgiving is gonna be nice.We're gonna have a late Thanksgiving cuz my hostmom was sick and that's why we had to find another day for the get-together which is gonna be tomorrow.
I hope Braunschweig is still alive and my friends are doing well.I miss all of you a lot especially on those family holidays...
But I guess I'm gonna survive!
Love,hugs and kisses
25.11.06 22:44


Hey guys,
Well Sterling is still the way it was when i wrote before but since BB started I don't have that much time anymore for many other things than school,friends and practice and yeah some special people too.I hope you're all not too disappointed!
Well right now Karolin's here and wow we're really havin a great time... I mean it it's awesome to have her here and i hope she is enjoying it too.We had a great weekend and we have so much to talk about!
Tomorrow we're going to a choir competition,so we're gonna miss school and the day after tomorrow is early dismissal.And then thanksgiving is soon gonna be here and we all hope that's gonna be fun(and a lot of food either!)!
Well since there's play practice tomorrow morning i have to get up early and i think i better go to bed now so that i get my beauty rest
Love ya!!
Hugs and kisses to good old germany
21.11.06 04:18

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~for my friends
~Dinge,die dir den Tag versüßen...
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